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Murudai's News

Posted by Murudai - June 17th, 2011

I like, totally make a game on Steam. And it's like, totally available right now!

Solar 2 on STEAM

It has a free demo, go check it out!

Solar 2, my game available on Steam!

Posted by Murudai - May 23rd, 2011

Solar 2, the Steam game that I'm developing is on IndieDB! It has news and screenshots and stuff. If you have an account on IndieDB, you should totally become a watcher! ya rly

Bam: http://www.indiedb.com/games/solar-2

Release date on Steam will be around June 17th, rest assured I'll post EVERYWHERE when it's out. Release on Xbox LIVE Indie Games, GamersGate and other places will follow shortly after.

A few Newgrounds people are contributing:
- Rig (http://rig.newgrounds.com/) is doing music and audio.
- Kamikaye (http://kamikaye.newgrounds.com/) is doing an awesome splash screen image.

Solar 2 on IndieDB!

Posted by Murudai - March 26th, 2011

Yup, the game I'm developing currently is coming to Steam! Sure, I make some dodgy little Flash games every so often, but my heart lies with the big games for PC and Xbox 360, so getting onto Steam with this game is a dream come true!

The game is an open world, sandbox type game where you play as asteroids, planets, stars and black holes. More information (plus trailer) on my site: http://murudai.com/2011/03/solar-2-ann ounce/

All the audio (music and sound effects) are from Newgrounds own Rig! http://rig.newgrounds.com/ He loves Steam, so doing all the audio for a Steam game is a dream come true for him :D

Solar 2, my game coming to Steam

Posted by Murudai - December 11th, 2010

This WikiLeaks business is pretty funny hey? I especially liked how angry all the governments got. In fact I thought it was so funny I decided to whip up a quick little game.

Doesn't have much gameplay or anything, but that's not the point, it's just meant to be a quick little satire of the situation, and hopefully it makes people smile!


Uncle Sam fights WikiLeaks

Posted by Murudai - September 19th, 2010

My game 'Solar' has to date sold over 25,000 copies on Xbox LIVE, but I was never really happy with it. It was my first Xbox game, and it was pretty messy.

So now with all my future space knowledge, I'm doing it right. The game is being completely remade from scratch, keeping the same addictive gameplay but making the infinite sandbox universe even more infinite.

But this time it's not meant for Xbox, it's for PC. My primary focus is to get it on the Steam service. Will it get on? I sure hope so, and we'll find out in a month or two when my demo is ready. Exciting times.


Posted by Murudai - August 8th, 2010

CHECK IT OUT HERE: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/game s/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258 5505ea
OR just go to Xbox LIVE Game Marketplace under 'Indie Games' and in the New Arrivals list :D

But some more info. 2 weeks ago I started a contest to find music here on Newgrounds where I ultimately found 8 awesome music tracks that are featured in that game. Rest assured if this game goes successful I'll be doing more contests and looking for more audio and what not!

So download the trial, give it a go! Rate it 5 stars and tell all your friends to do the same :D



Posted by Murudai - July 23rd, 2010

So I've made another little Xbox LIVE Indie Game but it requires music! And that's where YOU come in!

Calling all composers! Check out the thread here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 84144

Xbox Game needs Music!

Posted by Murudai - February 4th, 2010

This is the first tech demo video I've made for the Xbox game me, poxpower and rig are making. Check it out! Lets hope this gets on XBLA!

/* */

Posted by Murudai - December 30th, 2009

Me, poxpower and Rig are making a game targeted for XBLA. We're halfway through development on an Xbox based prototype that we'll use in a pitch to Microsoft.

But it's a huge amount of artwork required, so while we wait for the clones we made of poxpower to grow old enough to use a computer, we could use another artist. The artwork style is retro pixel graphics, a bit like Metal Slug. In fact go Google Metal Slug right now, that's pretty much what we need.

Here's the benchmark, a menu screen from the game. If you aren't this awesome, forget it. As for the rest of you, PM me.

Wanted: Artist for XBLA

Posted by Murudai - July 9th, 2009

See this? http://murudai.bravehost.com/Flash/ski rmish.html

That's the most powerful Real Time Strategy engine ever made in Flash. Try 'Level 3' on that demo, you will not be disappointed at this things scale. And that's a very old version of it too, the latest version is faster, got more features and uses A* pathfinding for maze-like maps.

But you'll notice the graphics, they're not very good. That's because I'm a programmer, not an artist. So I'm looking for an artist for this project. You have to be able to do animations and you have to be damn good. And I mean REALLY good; if you're not sure then you're not good enough.

Send me a message or comment or whatever if you think you could take this.