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Murudai's News

Posted by Murudai - June 19th, 2009

I've been waiting for the art portal for a long time! Now I can upload all those awesome pictures I made for my Xbox 360 game and show them off to people who hate Xboxes :D

I have two wallpapers up and there's a few more I can pull out. But check out those two!

If you want to check out the actual Xbox game for some reason, go here: Solar on Xbox.com

Xbox Game on Art Portal!

Posted by Murudai - May 8th, 2009

6 weeks ago I released an Xbox game for Xbox LIVE Community Games and today that game has become a big hit!

Lots of positive reviews like: this one and this one. One of the most popular ratings sites for these games has it in the Top 10 out of 250+!

(And I tell you what, a 5 figure profit on a game that took 4 months to make isn't too shabby at all I'd say ;) ). You can give it a shot here.

And thanks to Rig for his great soundtrack! All my future games will feature soundtracks from Newgrounds artists, definitely my favourite musicians on the web :)


So where to go from now? Why, Xbox LIVE Arcade of course! Since it was so well received on CG I reckon I have a good chance of a successful pitch to XBLA. The recent XBLA game 'The Dishwasher' was made by a guy in the same position as me, so I just have to follow the same path.

Wish me luck!

(PS: Don't play the Flash version of the game, it sucks.)

Huge Xbox Success!

Posted by Murudai - March 21st, 2009

You can now play my new Xbox 360 game and get it on Xbox LIVE!

Solar on Xbox.com

Even if you aren't interested in buying, download the free trial version anyway and have a go!

Posted by Murudai - February 23rd, 2009

My previous news page talked about Solar being a strategy game, but I feel I should change that as the game has evolved forwards.

The game was originally intended to be an interesting take on an RTS, and though I would still like to make that game, Solar has taken a new direction as a simple and fun little space game. You complete a bunch of challenges in a sandbox style universe to unlock further content.

The game will be available on Xbox Live Community Games for 200 Microsoft Points. That's $2.50, so it won't break the bank. The trial mode is free to download, so give it a try when it's up!

A Flash version will also be released. It is quite different from the Xbox version (but in my opinion, more fun!). It uses some impressive physics and vector effects to create a simple arcade game where the goal is to blow everything up. I can barely contain my excitement over that game, because I know you guys will love it!

The planned release date is next weekend. Stay tuned!

Below is a screenshot from the Xbox version:

Solar - for Xbox and Flash

Posted by Murudai - November 2nd, 2008

EDIT: This game was originally intended for Flash, but will now be released for Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE.

I've been working on a really cool new game called Solar.

This is a strategy game that is very different from other strategy games. No interface, no complications, no set directions, no clutter. It's very simple and very intuitive, yet also very complex.

You control the universe, shifting objects around and crashing them together. Combining asteroids to form planets, and so on. Once you have some planets, you evolve life on them. How you evolve and what life you do evolve depends on how you created the planets, there are over 30 different planets to get.

Watch out though, your growing life will have to struggle through a chaotic universe before maturing. You may get decimated by a comet, encounter hostile lifeforms or even get sucked into a black hole. You may even have to start all over with some new asteroids and making a new planet.

I don't expect anyone will see this, since I haven't uploaded any of my games here before. But whatever, if any of you do stumble upon this page I hope you find this interesting. Hoping to release this around December/January.

Here's a screenshot of the game as it is now, the final game won't look any different:

Solar - Like no strategy game you've played before

Posted by Murudai - September 3rd, 2008

Check out my RTS engine here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/96 1146

This isn't for newgrounds, I'll be making it's own website for it. But I'm here looking for artists on newgrounds ;)

Send me a PM if you think you can handle the art of such a project.