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Solar 2, my game available on Steam!

2011-06-17 13:22:29 by Murudai

I like, totally make a game on Steam. And it's like, totally available right now!

Solar 2 on STEAM

It has a free demo, go check it out!

Solar 2, my game available on Steam!


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2011-06-17 13:41:54

Where are my 10 TF2 hats to go with it?

I'll check the demo out.


2011-06-17 14:09:25

cool who made that title screen background?

Murudai responds:


2011-06-17 16:09:27

Awesome. I'm checking it out right now. Love the music. Rig is such a pro


2011-06-17 17:01:15

lol figured :P


2011-06-17 21:32:00

I just purchased it on Steam, let's get this party started!


2011-06-17 22:23:23

I've been playing for just under an hour and I love it! Awesome game, great job! I got the Big Crunch achievement after about 40 minutes. I think it's awesome that it's just flowing, ever-changing. Big Crunch? Big deal, new universe!


2011-06-21 10:23:16

Giantbomb quick look OMG OMG OMG! olar-2/17-4416/


2011-06-21 10:42:43

...actually that's not a great quick look, dont watch that :/


2011-06-27 04:57:14

OMG dude i cant fuckin believe this im randomly lookin through epic artwork then i find the creator of solar!!! I just bought solar 2 the other day i swear. great concept plz mang hit me up on facebook my name is Jeff Capomaccio


2011-09-18 12:44:11

love the concept :D by the way wat did u make the game with ?? wanna make my own games some day :)

Murudai responds:

It was made with XNA, coded in C#. Using software available for free! Here's the official site: